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Mission Brief:

2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

GemCity TECH’s mission is to grow the Dayton industry and the Gem City community by providing a centralized destination for technical training, workshops and providing a forum for collaborating. detail

We have a variety of special interest groups representing different technical disciplines. We would like to expand and support the technical community and are always open to discussion about new opportunities.

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Our family of user groups (in order of monthly occurance):

Logo User Group Organizer Meeting Time
Gem City Mechatronics Gem City Mechatronics A public community of electronics enthusiasts who gather for informative presentations, workshops, and hands-on lab sessions on topics like electronics, prototyping, circuitry, Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects. Vibes 1st Monday @6pm
Code for Dayton Code For Dayton A monthly user group meeting that follows the “hack night” format - a little discussion and show and tell up front, followed by an opportunity to break into groups to work on civic or community oriented projects. David Best 1st Tuesday @6pm
New To Tech New to Tech - A public group focused on folks who are just starting to learn about software development, up through those already employed in the industry who are targeting their first promotion. Topics will be split between software development fundamentals & career guidance and there will be plenty of time for group discussion & live coding. Please bring your laptop! Matt Alioto 1st Thursday @6pm
The Dayton Web Developers Dayton Web Developers - general topics around being a modern web developer Allen May 1st Wednesdays @6pm
Dynamic Languages Group Dayton Dynamic Languages - Casual discussions and demonstrations that lean towards Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Scheme, Lisp & Smalltalk Catherine Devlin 2nd Wednesdays @7pm
Autonomous Miami Valley Autonomous Miami Valley - The Autonomous MV user group is a community of individuals who share an interest in promoting and advancing the use of autonomous technologies. This group encourages the participation of researchers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and other stakeholders who are working to create and implement autonomous systems in various industries and applications. We also encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about autonomous systems and supporting technologies for business, academic or personal interest. All are welcome. Robert Blackthorn 3rd Wednesdays @6pm
Dayton .Net Developers Dayton .NET Developers - Helping software developers, technical leads, and managers keep in touch with .NET-related technologies. Hanen Alkhafaji 2nd Tuesdays @6pm
Gem City Game Developers Gem City Game Developers - Exploring all topics around gaming and the gaming industry. We explore design, art, programming, digital and non-digital game topics. Brian Turner 2nd Thursdays @5:30pm
Gem City ML / AI For professionals who are curious about machine learning and meeting with like minded professionals. Evelyn Boettcher 3rd Thursdays @6pm


Currently, all meetings are at the Innovation Hub at the Downtown Dayton Arcade Building.

The Innovation Hub
31 South Main Street Dayton, OH

All user groups are free and open to the public.

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All events are listed on the GemCity TECH Events calandar

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Our Sponsors

The Dayton Innvovation Hub logo with link to The Innovation Hub website
The Arcade Innovation Hub, powered by PNC Bank, was created to serve as the regional nexus for the new venture creation and social innovation that will lead to a more vibrant and inclusive regional economy.

Technology First logo with link to Technology First website
Technology First is the technology member association for the region. For 25 years, Technology First has been committed to building a community of leading-edge IT professionals. We stand on three pillars: to connect, strengthen and champion technology in the Dayton region. Come shape the future of technology with us. #UniteDaytonTech

HumanIT logo with link to HumanIT website
We are Veteran Technologist who aspire to create a high-end Technology company, founded on the belief that more focus, dedication, and attention to Technology would better serve our numerous clients. We took our knowledge, discipline, and years of experience in Big Business, and applied it to HumanIT. We are small, but we know that honesty, integrity, expertise, agility, and lots of hard work are the keys to success!

Kable Academy logo with link to Kable Academy website
Kable Academy puts tech careers within reach for those willing to explore a life in IT. They are change agents, who wield the tools of education, accessibility, and connection.

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Videos of recent meetings

May 3, 2023 Dayton Web Developers: Augmented Development with AI by Bryan Braun

December 7, 2022 Dayton Web Developers: Exploring the value of JavaScript frameworks by Seth White

November 17, 2021 Dayton Frontend Dev: Intro to Figma design and Next JS
by Noelle Lansford & Bulent Tastan

November 16, 2021 New to the Web - Getting Started with JSON Web Tokens
by Davis Sanders

November 10, 2021 The Dynamic Languages Group - Tutorial: Handling Large Data with Python Pandas
by Evelyn Boettcher

November 6, 2021 Dayton Web Developers: Visual Studio Code - The Swiss Army Knife of Editors
by James Carr

October 20, 2021 GemCity TECH: Building Decentralized Apps on Blockchain
by Bulent Tastan

September 1, 2021 Dayton Web Developers - Sharing the history of the Dayton Web Developers and the plans for the future with GemCity TECH
by Allen May